Bundarra Preschool is a community based, non-profit child care centre, and caters for children aged between 3 and 5 years and are licensed to have 20 children per day. The centre is open from 8.20am  to 3.50pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays of the school terms.  All children attending Bundarra Preschool should be toilet trained unless they have been diagnosed with a special or additional needs, however encouragement and assistance will be given if required.

Our Philosophy

Bundarra Preschool believes that the early childhood years (0-5) are the most important time in a child’s life for growth, learning and development. Children learn best when they feel valued, welcomed, comfortable and secure in their environment, this increases their sense of belonging. We believe that each child is unique and it is important to celebrate who they are now and support each particular stage in a child’s life. In doing this we are embracing their individual needs and strengths this leads to a sense of being. Through play, intentional learning experiences and reflective principles and practices, Bundarra Preschool aims to inspire children in becoming independent and confident individuals. This ensures that all children meet their full potential and be an active participant in the community. Bundarra Preschool aims to provide activities to promote school readiness; we believe that encouraging school readiness is important in providing a smooth transition to school.

Bundarra Preschool acknowledges that a good working relationship between educators and families is essential in creating a smooth link between home and preschool. We understand that families are the most influential teacher in a child’s life, and they need to be valued and respected. We therefore encourage communication with families and sharing of information relevant to their child/rens needs and to contribute to our program and policies.

Bundarra Preschool believes in and values the broader community. We aim to develop and maintain strong links within the local community by acknowledging and incorporating the resources available. Our goal is to seek more information and feedback from the local community to provide a service that is responsive to their needs.

Bundarra Preschool believes that each educator needs to be highly motivated, caring and qualified and possess knowledge of the emotional and developmental needs of children. Each educator aims to provide a positive contribution to the daily operation of the centre. Bundarra Preschool encourages educators to seek their professional potential through ongoing formal and informal development.